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it's A/B test time, my dudes

While I usually post here about Gawker Media business, I also teach data visualization at the City University of New York. My students posted their final projects and they are just outstanding, so I wanted to share them with everyone here.

A number of these are great, but I wanted to highlight a few that I thought were particularly fantastic.


Cheryl Bowersox did a breakdown of Veterans Expenditures by State, showing the differences in what each state spends to support former service-members. In the top image, I created a view to show the increase in medical spending in three states, including an explosion in Ohio’s spending (despite a decrease in the number of veterans in the State).

Tulasi Ramarao used the Global Terrorism Database to identify patterns in terrorism. Fatalities are broken down by country, weapon, target, and group responsible. Absolutely worth a look.


Erik Nylander looked at the relationship between income and test scores in Virginia schools: While the results are much like you’d expect, the d3 graphs are beautifully interactive and Erik identified a cluster of excellent scores deep in Appalachia that most people from the state might not expect.


Stacey Schwarcz did a deep dive into housing prices in Manhattan over the last 10 years. This project is great not only because the subject matter is of interest to me, but the information is thoughtfully and comprehensively laid out.

Take a look at these projects and more at the class page!

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