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it's A/B test time, my dudes

As has been widely covered in the press, yesterday Deadspin’s Twitter account was suspended around 5:30PM EDT. The suspension lasted until around 7:45.

Deadspin gets more of its traffic from Twitter than any other Gawker Media site. The immediacy of sports discussion matches up well with the breaking-news nature of the Twitter feed, and so we see spikes in Twitter traffic while games are happening.

Last week, about 15% of Deadspin’s traffic originated directly from Twitter, but it wasn’t a consistent 15%. During the morning, only about 7% of our traffic comes from Twitter. While games are live, that number can climb up above 20%. These are the numbers from late last week (Thursday-Sunday)


We also break down our traffic by whether it comes from our account (account like Deadspin or Adequate Man, including retweets of these accounts) or from other users sharing organically. In general, our posts generate the majority of traffic.

Yesterday, once people realized that our account was shut down, there was a lot of confusion and misinformation. Fortunately, we received a lot of support, in particular from Keith Olbermann.


Thanks to Keith and others, we actually didn’t see a meaningful drop in traffic: their organic referrals picked up the slack. The effect is noticeable if we look at Friday-Monday’s traffic: non-Deadspin Twitter posts generated more traffic than our house posts for the first time I’m aware of.


After the Deadspin Twitter account was reinstated, a flood of interest led to 39% of our traffic coming from Twitter between 8 & 9 PM. Overall, our total traffic yesterday was roughly in-line with the previous Monday.

To everyone who supported Deadspin yesterday, on Twitter and off: thank you!

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