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it's A/B test time, my dudes

The awesome data & analytics team and I had fun recapping good times in 2017.

We added two sites and four sub-blogs to the FMG family last year, migrated six sites onto Kinja, expanded Fusion TV’s linear reach to new markets, and launched El Chapo, Story House’s first co-production with Netflix. Within the digital portfolio, we had six billion pageviews, two-and-a-half billion video views, eleven million comments and > 3 minutes of engaged time per user on a monthly basis (89% above our competition) across eighty-eight thousand published posts. Gizmodo, The A.V. Club, Jalopnik, The Root, and Gizmodo Español hit an all-time audience high in 2017. (Source: Kinja, Google Analytics, Chartbeat, social APIs)

... and now, some 2017 coverage battles and recaps across Fusion Media Group:

Marvel v. DC across Fusion Media Group


Most frequently discussed celebrities on Jezebel

The top console of the year for Kotaku


Most frequently covered car company on Jalopnik


iPhone vs Android coverage on Gizmodo


FMG’s favorite swear word

  • Shit (used in 441 headlines)

The A.V. Club wrote the longest article of the year


Splinter published the most one-word stories

Blast from the past

  • Ugly Girl Killed, originally published by The Onion in January 1997, found a new audience twenty years later

Storyhouse’s first collaboration with Netflix was a winner

  • El Chapo was the second-most binge-watched Spanish-language show in Mexico and LatAm on Netflix

FMG’s first forays into podcasting were a success

  • Containers, an eight-episode limited series, averaged 73K downloads per episode, more than any other podcast on the network. Kotaku Splitscreen had the most total downloads, over 1.7M

Deadspin published 32 “why your team sucks” posts in 2017

Lifehacker published 897 how-to posts in 2017

ClickHole published 89 quizzes in 2017

And we leave you with one final question: does the Pope read America’s Most Trusted News Source?

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