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it's A/B test time, my dudes
it's A/B test time, my dudes

Your 9 Favorite Comments of 2015

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Most of us at Gawker Media are happy to say goodbye to this garbage year, but our community of commenters was as good as ever in 2015.


I strongly believe that we don’t do enough to recognize the greatness that our community brings to our site. To at least partially correct this injustice, here are the 9 most popular (non-GMG employee) comments across our platform in 2015.

9 Ken M Is The Most Epic Troll On The Internet (note: I really hope this is real)


8 Anonymous Has Declared War on ISIS

7 Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s Time to Panic

6 Gawker Is Removing Story About Condé Nast CFO

5 Suge Knight Just Killed a Guy on a Movie Set: Report

4 Christians Angry Over Starbucks’ Minimalist Holiday Cup Design

3 Man Who Would Rather Go Blind Than Get Obamacare Now Going Blind

2 LaFerrari Asshat Who Terrorized A Beverly Hills Neighborhood Claims ‘Diplomatic Immunity’


1 Floyd Mayweather Is A Coward

Thanks for sticking around. We hope to see all of you in 2016!

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